Haileybury Academic Letters

Please note that all submissions must be made via the submissions link on this page, or directly to hal@haileybury.vic.edu.au. 


All submissions will be blinded (made anonymous) so that our referees do not have any information on the author's identity. Please make sure that you follow the checklist below prior to submission

1. Please include a separate Title Page. This page should be separated from the rest of your paper. On this page provide:

  • The title of your paper
  • Your full name and contact email. Apart from the title page, please ensure that your name does not appear anywhere else on the submission.
  • A short (less than 100 word) abstract for your paper should be included on the title page. For the creative writing section, write a synopsis of your story.
  • Include the word count of your submission. Please ensure it is under 2000 words since longer submissions will not be reviewed.

2. Please ensure that all sources have been cited correctly, including any data you might be using.

You can expect to receive a review on your submission within 5 weeks from the date of  submission alongwith a decision on whether HAL will publish your paper. 

Thank you for your interest.