Haileybury Academic Letters

HAL - Social Sciences. 

Call for Papers

The Editorial Board of Haileybury Academic Letters invites those with an interest in the Social Sciences to submit their articles to the Social Sciences section for review and possible publication.

The Social Sciences are associated with the study of human society and the individual through interactions, be they social, economic, cultural, or political. As such, HAL is interested in receiving articles that cover a broad range of subject matter, focusing particularly on specific areas within economics, politics, psychology, sociology and anthropology.

Potential authors are encouraged to examine real-world problems through the exploration and development of a variety of theoretical concepts. Thus, articles may well take on either a speculative or a theoretical model. However, all articles should be well researched and with sufficient evidence displayed to back up the author’s contention.

The use of jargon specific to a particular branch of study within the Social Sciences is permitted, under the condition that such technical terms are explained in detail, so as to avoid compromising on the clarity of the article from the perspective of an audience of well-educated high school students. 

All submissions will be blinded; our referees do not have any information on the author's identity. In other words, the entire review process is conducted anonymously. The prospective author(s) do not have access to the identities of the referees reviewing their work and vice versa.

Please ensure that you follow the submissions checklist on the Submissions page prior to sending us your article. You are welcome to direct queries to hal@haileybury.vic.edu.au.

We thank you for your interest. 

Sarah Mahne-Brown

Student Editor, Social Sciences