Haileybury Academic Letters

HAL - Natural Sciences.

Call for Papers

The Editorial Board of Haileybury Academic Letters invites prospective authors to submit articles to the Natural Sciences section for review and possible publication.

Papers targeted for this section should deal with some essential aspect of the Natural Sciences, regardless of particular field. Therefore, papers can be on Science in general, or on Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Earth Studies, Mathematics or some combination thereof in particular.

Remember, the section’s focus is on showcasing innovative applications of concepts rather than the simple restatement of facts or theories. Thus, authors are encouraged to think about how their understanding of scientific principles can be pressed to examine real-world problems.

The use of mathematics and of scientific jargon is permitted, though not at the expense of clarity of thought and exposition for a general audience interested in the Sciences.All submissions will be blinded; our referees do not have any information on the author's identity. In other words, the entire review process is conducted anonymously. The prospective author(s) do not have access to the identities of the referees reviewing their work and vice versa.

Please ensure that you follow the submissions checklist on the Submissions page prior to sending us your article. You are welcome to direct queries to hal@haileybury.vic.edu.au.

We thank you for your interest. 

Richard Geake-Ransome

Student Editor, Natural Sciences