Haileybury Academic Letters

HAL - Creative Writing.

Call for Papers

The Editorial Board of Haileybury Academic Letters invites prospective authors to submit articles to the Creative Writing section for review and possible publication.

Submissions to the Creative Writing section of Haileybury Academic Letters invites students to submit their creative writing pieces of up to maximum of 2000 words. We are looking for submissions in the format of narratives or short stories that are creative, original and of high quality. We are not looking for poetry, and we encourage authors of non-fiction to consider developing their submissions for one of the other sections instead.

The nature of the Creative Writing category is in itself less rigid than the other categories, so there is no strictly enforced structure for submissions. However, 
please ensure that you follow the submissions checklist on the Submissions page prior to sending us your article.

You are welcome to direct queries to hal@haileybury.vic.edu.au.

We thank you for your interest. 

Lachlan Coman

Student Editor, Creative Writing